Textile and ready –to-wear sector of Turkey is the sector having the most foreign trade surplus still. Also employment created contributes to reduce the unemployment and society welfare significantly. While big companies reduce production capacities today, Akar Tekstil continues to increase its contributions to region and country economy by increasing the production units with an enterprising policy.

Design and Model / Pattern

World trends have been changing faster than the past recently. The European big retail sales chains started to sell the fashion at affordable prices. Current fashion trends shown in fashion shows in Paris, Milan, NY, London are adopted fast and offered at stores at affordable prices. It is expected that Turkey will maintain its significant producer position in the textile world in the next years. However, Turkish textile producers should produce more value added products. It is not possible to compete with basic products such as cheap, simple t-shirt without value added and it will become more difficult in the future. Akar Tekstil, as one of the biggest knitted ready-to- wear producers in its region, takes steps in the road of being a company preferred by the customers by presenting special-design ready-to- wear products fit for fast production by changing its mission and vision in line with these changes and developments. It prepares 10.000 collections in a year with 20-person design department. Sample preparation department is managed by an experienced team comprising of 50 mechanics and 15 pattern makers. Approximately 100.000 samples are prepared in a year.

Fabric and Accessory Storehouse

GKK Tests, fabric maturing, accessory compliance tests and storing services are performed at total 7000 m2 fabric and accessory storehouse and they are stored in line with the customer requests and followed with ERP system instantly.

Cutting Department

Lay-out is applied on 10 tables at Akar Tekstil cutting department established in 5600 m2 area. Cutting is performed with 2 cutters. Cutting capacity is total 2.000.000 pieces monthly. Full- automatic computerized cutters are used for cutting requiring speed and precision (2 cutter systems). Fabrics delivered from our fabric storehouse are cut by the number of the product via developed machines and labeled with barcode systems and followed in ERP system instantly.


Laboratory of Akar Tekstil is accrediated by H&M. Washing machine, drum, pH meter, pilling unit, pull test unit, shaker unit, drying oven, rubbing fastness unit, light-box, etc. are available at the laboratory. Tests such as Test cf to water, Cf to perspiration, Appearance after 5 times wash, Dimensional stability to household laundering, Pilling resistance – Pilling resistance, Box, Twisting, PH, Cf to dry rubbing / Wet rubbing, Cf to household laundering, Sublimation, Cf to saliva, Accessories, pull test, Nickel Test, Printing test are carried out. Reporting and archiving is realized in accordance with the customer requirements.

Sewing Workshop

15.000 m2 sewing department of Akar Tekstil produces with 20 bands and total 40 employees. While sewing is performed with 800 sewing operators, process control teams in every band control every operation and the product is sewed in the high-quality way. Any kinds of product safety systems for the requirements of customer are available for sewing processes and they are followed instantly and preferred by the customers for baby and kid product production. All bands at the sewing workshop are followed in terms of performances with boards instantly and controlled by all relevant departments via ERP system.

Decorative Processes

Akar Tekstil established departments for the decorative processes of the products at its new plant. It renders services with Octopus machines, sample tables, fixing machines with the capacity of performing any kinds of printing including placement print in 1300 m2 area for the printing processes. Any kind of embroidery is achieved with the cutting-edge technology embroidery machines at the embroidery department in 900 m2 area. At the press department in 1100 m2 area, any kinds of decorative processes such as transfer printing, sublime printing, stone adhering and production processes are controlled and followed instantly.