Hayrettin Akar having being engaged in textile since 1990 established Akar Tekstil Ltd. Si in 2004. It carried on business in 1000 m2 closed area with 35 staff till 2006. Akar Tekstil starting its business at a bigger building with 3000 m2 closed area in 2006 increased the number of personnel to 300 persons. It got into a strategic partnership with Fa-Si Tekstil in 2007 moved to 12000 m2 new plant in 2008. Akar Tekstil reaching 900 personnel till 2014 terminated strategic partnership with Fa-Si Tekstil in the end of 2014 and incorporated the staff at Fa-Si Tekstil and reached 1000 personnel. Akar Tekstil, being in search of a new place in 2015 moved to 50.000 m2 closed area plant in 100.000 m2 area and transformed the Limited liability company into joint stock company. It reached from 350.000 € turnover annually and 35 employees in 2014 to 50.000.000 € turnover and 1600 employees in the end of 2015. It carries on its business with the target of 70.000.000 € turnover and with 2000 employees as of the 2016. Akar Tekstil A.S established in Izmir and Ataturk Organized industrial site is one of the biggest 10 ready-made clothing businesses of Turkey with annual 25-30 million export capacity. Akar Tekstil sells its designs in the rate of 80% to its customers in addition to conducting works within the scope of “Design Center.” It ships productions for H&M, Inditex, Mayoral, George, C&A, Mango, WeCompany and LC Waikiki being the leading brands of the world with 6-8 weeks deadlines.


To be a leading company with a system that technology can be used at every stage of theproduction, growing with its team, preferred by the customers most with high employment andsupply chain and to implement quality management system we established to increase thecustomer satisfaction efficiently with the contribution of our employees and improve the efficiencycontinuously.


To be a leader knitting ready to wear company creating the biggest employment in the region andbelieving in the need of quality systems at the business and providing services to the respected,world brands with its designs to the suppliers and supporting economic development with social andenvironmental sustainable policy.


1  Customer Satisfaction
2  Team Spirit
3  Reliability, honesty and integrity
4  Respect to Human
5  Creativity
6  Initiative / Decision making
7  Economy
8  Open-minded
9  Open to development


1  To combine its values with targets and strategies and grow in the target market withcontinuous development
2  To achieve the aimed quality level with a planned and systematic organization in the companyin order to ensure the quality sustainability
3  To achieve engagement of customers in the long term.
4  To work in compliance with environment laws related to the sector
5  To ensure that consumed energy will be used in the most efficient way
6  To minimize the natural source utilization as much as possible.
7  To develop with an environmentalist perception in parallel with technological progresses
8  To fulfill requirements of labor law
9  Not to employ young employee under 16-years old considered as the child labor at ourbusiness
10  To prioritize occupational health and safety of our employees
11  To raise the standards of company employees by providing quality development andenvironmental trainings as the management and employees attach importance to the trainingand to develop environmental consciousness and to make employees a part of quality system.


Employees of our company and sub-suppliers act in accordance with corporate socialresponsibility and ethical values. These processes are followed by social responsibilitydepartment and trademark auditors and independent auditing firms and developed andrecorded. Our company is registered in the international auditing and observation platformssuch as BSCI, SEDEX and HIGG. Corporate social responsibility department conducts a numberof projects in the fields such as basic rights of employees, ethical values, occupationalhealth and safety, environment and international standards with brands and international organizations we cooperate.