Leading to the creation of a quality management system to improve customer satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction

i) The businesses need to cope with a number of external and internal factors to carry on activities. Severe competition in the market requires controlling quality and market strictly while delivering products in a short time. Akar Tekstil aiming to provide the best service to the customers renders services to the world brands by prioritizing targets and without making concessions of quality all the time.
ii) Akar Tekstil quality management system was established in order to produce in accordance with the expectations of the customer for the first time in all production processes with on-site quality focus, to standardize the production for the same quality at every point and to analyze data to evaluate inter-processes flow and for continuous improvement and to improve the suppliers.

Quality Policy

We commit with the quality policy of Akar Tekstil supporting vision and mission with the power granted by the motto of “We can do because we know that we can do” that we will prioritize customer demand and expectations and perceive quality, price, delivery term and social compliance requests completely and to meet them, to maintain the customer satisfaction, and based on productivity to set measurable and achievable targets and manage a quality management system ensuring continuous improvement and to attach importance to training and development of employees and to satisfy them and to enable them to be proud of working at Akar Tekstil, to follow environmental, occupational health and safety legislations and to create mutual value in line with the perception that let’s cooperate with the suppliers and win together.


i) External training
External training events are held for personal developments of employees, develop technical knowledge and follow technological innovations closely. Trainings are planned in line with the competences, positions and development plans of the employees and provided.
ii)Internal training
Internal instructors are ready at the company for the trainings to be provided annually (legally mandatory) and to develop technical knowledge of the employees. Mandatory trainings (legally), professional trainings are provided with internal training organization.


Akar Tekstil works with world brands in ready to wear sector and supports development of employees in all areas and aims to create a participating and innovative work environment. The following process is implemented to choose the personnel to make the business place and business place productivity dynamic and complying with the management policy of the company and corporate culture:
Persons edible for the position in the candidate application pool are selected and invited for a job interview at Akar Tekstil. All tests required for the position and competence-based interview are applied to the candidates invited. Reference is controlled for the candidates approved as a result of interviews by the features of the position. Salary offer is prepared for the candidate approved by the human resources and relevant department. If the candidate agrees the salary, the information of acceptance will be sent to him. The candidate comes for delivery of document on specified date and starts to work on the date requested.
For the new employees to learn and recognize the business processes and the company:
2-day company orientation program is applied and in the end of the program, orientation certificate and orientation booklet is given. Department orientation in the job definition is carried out. The first evaluation interview is held in the end of the first week. General evaluation interview is held in the end of month 3. The ones to apply for a job at Akar Tekstil can come to the plant and fill in the job application form directly.
Training application:
The students of undergraduate (university and vocational school), vocational school and vocational high school being obliged to go summer-winter training (trainees insurance premiums of who are paid by the school) should apply to Akar Tekstil human resources department and fill in the application forms between the dates of 1 February – 28 February. Interview is held with the candidates and as a result of evaluations, positive and negative answers are notified to all candidates in May.

Healthcare Service

Healthcare service is provided to Akar Tekstil employees by Dr. Hatice Ekin Ercan at polyclinic hours every day on weekday with 3 sick rooms with automatic external fibrilator, audiometry, respirator, 3-channel EKG unit, sterilization unit required being at emergency service units and medicines. ISIG, trauma and resuscitation, first aid, current health trainings are provided with a training program outside of polyclinic hours.

Legal Advisor

Akar Tekstil renders legal advisor service to its employees for consulting about legal issues of business and private life. Lawyer Mehmet Erman Kabalci provides consultancy services free of charge at breaks every day on weekday to the employees to enable them to know and defend their rights.